the best email ever

My sister sent me this amazing email this morning. Steph, I am so humbled by your words. Thank you for feeling inspired enough to write this!

From Stephanie Lenkin, Washington, D.C. - 

I'm a fairly new mommy, I have 2 boys - an almost 3 year old and a 5 month old.  After my first son Ryder was born, my body, for the most part, with very little work (I admit) went back into the shape it was before I got pregnant.  Now after 5 months of having my second son Brody, I have to say my old shape is not in sight.  I started complaining immediately to Lauren.  After being cleared to exercise, I started going to Pilates class as many times per week as I can.  Something seems to pop up with the kids and I don't get to go as often as I want to. So AGAIN, I complained to Lauren that it appears I will never have time to work out.  She is always so supportive, loving and motivational!  And…a problem solver!  

This morning I woke up to find a motivational instructive video with 4 moves to start my remote work out!  I couldn't believe how motivated I was after rolling out of bed and getting my butt kicked from 3000 miles away.  For all you new mommies out there, you will understand this…I actually took the time to shave my legs this morning after my workout!

So Lauren, here's to you! You are caring, loving, inspirational, supportive AND...the best sister a girl could ever have!

Love, love, love,

Your oldest sister, Stephanie (your first remote client)


Love you so much, sister. 


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the mama method asks the experts: 5 health tips from nourishment guru Victoria Dodge!


The amazing Victoria Dodge, founder of Nourishment, is a friend and a mentor. She explains, "I created Nourishment to heal, nurture and feed anyone who wants to change their path or enhance their way of living through true education!" After a super successful career in photography (5 books later), Victoria started on her path toward becoming a raw food chef and health educator when she married her yogi husband, Tamal Dodge. (Check out his brand new studio Yoga Salt in Marina del Rey). Victoria teaches group and private nutritional consultations while raising her two beautiful children. This mama and I talked about how women can optimize their health throughout any life stage. 

Here are Victoria's top 5 health tips: 

1. Hydrate! You should drink at least half your body weight in water every day. Bathe your cells!

2. Eat as much “green” as possible. (Preferably raw!) Greens are very alkalizing and also are very nutrient dense. If possible drink one green juice a day along with a beautiful salad. Your body will thank you!

3. Exercise! Move that body! Oxygen is the number one alkalizer! (with water as number 2) Get outdoors and breathe the fresh air, take time and go to a yoga class or jump around with your kids at least 3-4 times a week. Exercise will aid in your digestion and sleep; not to mention give you beautiful, glowing skin.

4. Fiber. Make sure to eat foods that contain fiber a.k.a. salad, brown rice, chia and flax seeds. Fiber will keep your digestive tract happy and ultimately your body feeling energized instead of sluggish.

5. Sleep. I cannot emphasize this enough. Sleep is when your body restores and heals itself. I could write a whole book on the importance of this subject. Make sure to get consistently good sleep. No electronics in your room and do not eat 2-3 hours before bed. If you have trouble sleeping try my Deep Sleep pure organic essential oil before bed. (

Thank you, Victoria!


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the mama method likes Lady Part Lovin'

Alisa Vitti is the founder and CEO of Flo Living, a virtual health center that supports women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Alisa’s WomanCode System operates under a simple prescription: every woman should benefit from her hormones, not suffer from them.

Check out Alisa’s inspiring TEDx talk - Loving your Lady Parts as a Path to Success, Power and Global Change:



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SEX: the mama method’s guide to prenatal and postpartum intimacy


“So I just don’t feel like it! Is that normal?!”

Many of my clients nervously approach sex talk with me. I’m not a therapist (though growing up with a shrink for a mother DOES rub off) and I certainly don’t hold a sexologist degree (at least not yet), but approaching my mamas with confidence and care creates an open forum. The sexual questions that arise are frequent so I figure sharing a bit about pregnant and postpartum lovin’ is worthwhile (and FUN)!

So ladies, let’s break down the reasons behind your “not so into it”:

During Pregnancy –

Hormones. Human chlorionic gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that enriches your uterine lining so your embryo can implant firmly in your first trimester. Awesome that your uterus is becoming so cushy for baby but HCG is the major reason behind your nausea and potential morning sickness. Estrogen and progesterone slowly elevate throughout your pregnancy and can contribute to you feeling emotional and vulnerable. As you and your baby grow you may also be tired, have to urinate frequently, have sore breasts and feel heavy, uncomfortable or stressed.

Post Birth – 

After your baby is born and you expel your placenta – aka your hormone production factory - you are literally depleted. This depletion coupled with sleep deprivation and physical healing from a vaginal or cesarian birth can be extremely challenging. Fried adrenals don’t help either. These glands are responsible for the output of most of your testosterone which creates your desire for sex. Hormones like prolactin stimulate milk production (and your appetite) and force you to bring your attention to your baby – and often away from your partner. Your body has changed and you may again feel heavy, uncomfortable or stressed.

NOW let’s break down the reasons why sex and other forms of physical intimacy can help you through your pregnancy and postpartum recovery:

Physical intimacy is bonding and bonding is what your partnership needs as you navigate through this major transition. Orgasms create oxytocin which produces endorphins. Endorphins are produced when you kiss too! Endorphins release stress and have the potential to calm you, make you feel secure and even to alleviate pain. Plus, enhanced blood flow to your pubic area and enhanced lubrication (thank you, estrogen) during pregnancy can make for a heightened sexual experience. Navigating through different positions pre and post birth can also be a fun shared exploration.

Here’s the real deal:Take your time with penetration and communicate with your partner so this new terrain serves your togetherness. Cuddle, kiss, massage each other and don’t blame yourself for feeling the way you do. One of my mamas is 23 weeks into her pregnancy. She said of her current sexual desires: “I’m either really interested or I feel like slapping my husband if he gets near me.  There’s no middle of the road!” This is a familiar state for many women, not just for expecting and new moms. Whatever you’re feeling, trust that it’s normal.


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