Every pregnancy presents a massive shift, a pivotal transition of body, spirit and family. It is my mission to support expecting and new mamas through this gorgeous and complex time.

Movement with Mama Method is a unique blend of yoga, barre, dance, Pilates and meditation. You will learn:

  • Fitness and relaxation techniques to feel strong, limber and protected

  • To safely adjust the carriage of your baby in utero and in your arms so that you are moving in a way that is healthiest for you

  • The basics of breathing technique that will guide you through your pregnancy, through your birthing experience, and well into mommyhood

  • The importance of pelvic floor awareness and conditioning, engagement and release.

  • To listen to your body when it requires breaks, heart rate deceleration, hydration, nourishment or a different stance

  • To consciously become a mother who trusts her body and her innate wisdom.

  • The immense satisfaction to be gained from self care