I am a caretaker and a playful spirit. I believe in the innate strength and beauty of the female form. Coaching women through such a vulnerable and exciting time is my true passion. I offer a rare specialty -- a comprehensive, educated, and varied fitness training perspective melded with the wholesome and devoted doula skill set.

I have always loved movement and I have always been enamored by motherhood. As a young ballerina trained at The Boston Ballet School, my foundation of bodily awareness was instilled early on. After graduating from Northwestern University, I was quickly drawn to exhale and the Core Fusion program. Teaching this integration of Pilates, yoga, and Lotte Berk technique was immediately a perfect fit. I completed my yoga teacher training with exhale's National Yoga Director, Stefanie Eris. Continually fascinated by the strength of my pregnant students and mothers, I completed my birth doula training with DONA's Debbie Lavin, in addition to Shiva Rea's prenatal yoga teacher training. 

Pregnancy and postpartum life require strength of mind and body. I am uniquely qualified to know what movement will serve you and your body best. Offering the coaching and support needed to thrive throughout a pregnancy, birth and postpartum life is my pleasure and my calling.

- Lauren Weisman Sax