"Lauren Weisman is a treasure. I cannot recommend her more whole heartedly. If you're lucky enough to be pregnant or a new mother, I would utilize her at every opportunity. She is a fountain of talent and enthusiasm; she exudes positivity. With her background in movement and history as a doula, Lauren has an amazing knowledge base from which to draw. Her professionalism and dedication is easily apparent. Lauren was meant to do this and it shows. She truly cares about her clients. She believes in the beauty and potential of every mother and clearly wants every one to feel special and ready to take on and excel at motherhood. I learned so much from Lauren. She catered her sessions to what I was looking to accomplish. She anticipated and fulfilled my needs and expectations. Her lessons were comprehensive-- from practical theory to breathing technique, body position and movement. She made me feel comfortable and confident in what I was doing. I am so thankful for her help. Her words and lessons remain with me long after the sessions were over. She is a forever member of my pregnancy team." - Jackie R

"Lauren reminded me to surrender and accept. These have been truly impactful words during this journey that I rely on constantly...Lauren, thank you for your spirit, our laughs, our deep conversations during movement and for sharing in these moments and helping me to feel like the Superwoman I am! My ass is truly grateful and I have never loved my body more than I do now." - Renee M

"Words cannot describe the blessing Lauren has been in my life. To all the baby mamas out there, the commitment to self I have experienced through my work with Lauren and her Mama Method training has been one of the most important and truly valuable gifts during this time of deep vulnerability and surrender." - Taylor R

"Lauren is not only skilled and educated as a pre and postnatal fitness instructor, she is intuitive beyond belief.  Without saying a word, she understands where you're at and what you need - it's pretty remarkable.  Lauren understands that pregnancy is a systemic process, influencing all areas of a woman's body and life, and her teachings and instruction incorporate this understanding.  With a background in dance, yoga, fitness, barre and beyond, her tool box is boundless.  This makes her an incredibly gifted and special instructor.  I feel so safe under her care and know that she is guiding my body through movements that are specifically designed for my body and where I'm at energetically and emotionally.  Our time together is always transformative and I always leave our sessions feeling confident, beautiful, energized and restored." - Rachel Z

"I always dreamed of improving my yoga practice and finding my internal namaste but never felt truly fulfilled by gentler workout routines. Meeting Lauren at the onset of my pregnancy (literally week 1) was the most incredible gift. She so gracefully welcomed me into a new world of femininity, flow, breath and gratitude. Giving up my hardcore cardio routines, something I was so fearful of, was quickly replaced with a passion for flexibility and focus. I have genuinely loved this “time of expansion” (as she always reminds me!) and my body is too! Our weekly private sessions with my non preggers bestie Sarah is the highlight of my week. She caters the workout to each of us and I always leave feeling so blessed, happy, and accomplished.  Lauren is a beautifully angelic, talented and gifted yogi master and I couldn’t recommend her more for mommies to be!" - Laura T

“Now one year after my little man was born, I can say without a doubt that his calm, happy nature and my (relatively) smooth entry into motherhood are both due in large part to Lauren and her amazing methods. Not only did she have me physically moving right up until a few days before I delivered (a difficult task for a client who is quite lazy by nature!), but she also gave me the quiet moments I needed to focus on myself, my growing guy, and the wonderful journey we were on together. She made me feel empowered, in control of my body and emotionally prepared and connected to my future babe. She is present, supportive, joyous, FUN and so warm, even on FaceTime, it feels intimate and safe and comfortable from day one. I can't wait to get pregnant again and hopefully get to work with her again!” - Daisy M

”I feel so lucky to have found Lauren as I was just beginning my prenatal journey! Lauren's understanding of the female body allowed me to safely and effectively continue my workouts throughout my pregnancy. She truly goes above and beyond the norms of a typical instructor - which is why so many of her clients end up becoming her friends! Not only does she wants to know about my physical goals but she is also incredibly supportive of my emotional state as a new mother, ultimately allowing me to connect with a great community of other new moms. After only a few months following the delivery of my baby, I truly feel stronger and more empowered than ever have before as a result of Lauren's guidance throughout my recovery process.” - Ashley Z

"Lauren goes beyond the traditional confines and boundaries of a fitness expert and checks in constantly - she cares about you, your baby and your partner in such a beautiful way. She becomes a part of your family. I can't imagine going through this process without Lauren.  Hands down, one of the best decisions I've made, is including Lauren in my inner circle of pregnancy professionals." - Lee F

"I LOVE working with Lauren. I always look forward to our hour together and also how I will feel afterward. She pushes you to your limits in the best way. Lauren is deeply in tune with the body, in particular a woman's body during and after pregnancy and how to maintain strength and flexibility during pregnancy and how to rebuild post. I met Lauren after I gave birth to my first son, and she was so wonderful to work with.  After pregnancy it kind of feels like someone has unzipped your body, and Lauren was the person that helped me to zip it back up and regain my strength. I have practiced yoga for years and love to hike and run, both of which I did throughout my pregnancy and afterward, but felt like I needed something more to supplement and really target the areas that shift and change as a result of pregnancy and Lauren helped me with exactly that. I am now pregnant with my second and knew I wanted to work with Lauren again, this time during pregnancy as well. I started working with her at 9 weeks and it has been one of the best investments I could make. I feel strong and healthy and am grateful to be working with her on this incredible journey." - Katie M

"Through my years of practicing yoga with Lauren I have gotten stronger and more flexible, my body has gotten longer and leaner, and my mind has learned a kind of calm I never knew existed. Lauren is patient, wildly talented, and committed to her craft.  She does not compromise on technique or form.  She is kind.  She is insightful.  And she is one of the most inspiring people I have had the privilege of knowing." - Amy R

"Lauren is extremely positive and uplifting, and at the same time recognizes the many challenges of pregnancy.  Each time I meet with her, I feel encouraged in how I am caring for (and growing) my baby, and I also feel inspired to continue taking care of myself.  I feel totally comfortable that she knows what my body can safely accomplish, and what's good for it, at every stage.  Simply put, she's a joy to work with!" - Gabrielle R

"Working with Lauren, you feel taken care of physically and emotionally. She inspires everyone with her warmth, her knowledge and teaching ability and is just one of the most lovely souls I've come across. Grateful to have her." - Heather M

"I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren 6 weeks into my pregnancy and I worked diligently with her every week up until my 38th. She not only helped me stay fit throughout my pregnancy, but gave me peace of mind and strength within to deliver my healthy, beautiful baby girl. I am still working with Lauren, but now it's 3 of us! It's remarkable to witness the relationship she has with my daughter. Lauren is not only an amazing instructor, but she has become a true friend. She has a grace and elegance about her that is contagious. She is an expert at her craft." - Sarah S

 "In the eight weeks I've been training with Lauren, my body has completely transformed. Not only have I lost a ton of weight, but I can see that my pre pregnancy physique is coming back. Lauren's creative, inspiring, and often high octane sessions, have truly been life changing. For the first time, I look forward to training. Lauren has such fine tuned intuition when it comes to her clients mind, body and soul, that she always gives me just what I need that day.  I feel very fortunate to have found her, she's the best!" - Navi R

"I was overjoyed when I became pregnant with my first child but I had no idea just how taxing my pregnancy would be on my body. I felt exhausted and had severe low back pain leaving me unmotivated to do any physical activity. Lauren's understanding of body mechanics, combined with her nurturing and playful encouragement had me flowing and glowing in no time. She tailored pre and post natal yoga sessions for me to address my aches and pains, get my blood pumping and rejuvenate my soul. Lauren was an integral part of my journey into motherhood and continues to be a source of inspiration, support and booty-kicking motivation in my life. Grateful!" - Andrea L

 "Lauren and I met when I was pregnant with my first child.  She quickly became someone I knew I wanted to help guide me though my journey.  Her warm spirit and encouraging nature without pause or judgment allowed me to stay physically active and keep my baby safe throughout my entire pregnancy.  My son is now two years old and Lauren is still someone I look to for guidance and encouragement to keep me physically (and emotionally) fit!   She is truly a special person who loves what she does and is an absolute pleasure to work with." - Kristen G

“As a mom of two children under 3 and an avid exerciser, Lauren has been instrumental in helping me stay in shape while I was pregnant and helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy shape after pregnancy. She is hands down the best trainer I have ever had, who is both challenging and effective, but most of all has the special presence that makes working out pleasurable. Working out with Lauren not only improved the way my body looked but made me feel great which made for an easier pregnancy and transitioning to working out post-pregnancy." - Kristen B

“My Lauren, Mama Method, has been such an incredible source of support throughout my entire journey into motherhood. She is a gift to all the mamas she works with before and after baby - myself included - and my little man could not love her more. Love you, Lauren. So grateful for you.” - Dene S