Many moms, especially my clients experiencing their first pregnancy, are fearful; fearful that they will somehow injure their babies, fearful that they might injure themselves. Post birth the same dilemmas arise. Most moms experience some form of abdominal separation and new challenges like breastfeeding and lack of sleep create a need for a new exercise regimen. Everyone wants a master list of the do's and the don'ts but while you can learn standards to adhere to, there is not a simple prescription for everyone. 


Every mom is different and every pregnancy is different. Moms require individual attention and care. 

Using The Mama Method you will learn:

  • Fitness and relaxation techniques to feel strong, limber and protected
  • To safely adjust the carriage of your baby in utero and in your arms so that you are moving in a way that is healthiest for you
  • The basics of breathing technique that will guide you through your pregnancy, through your birthing experience, and well into mommyhood
  • The importance of pelvic floor awareness and conditioning
  • To listen to your body when it requires breaks, heart rate deceleration, hydration, nourishment or a different stance
  •  To consciously become a mother who trusts her body and her innate wisdom. 
  •  The immense satisfaction to be gained from self care